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OpInt 2018

Operational Intelligence Conference June 6, 2018
What is OpInt

Sir Edward Grey, a British Foreign Secretary in 1905-1916, once said "discussion without definition is impossible." In military jargon OpInt stands for Operational Intelligence, loosely defined for our purposes as:

Intelligence required for planning and conducting business and marketing activities to accomplish strategic objectives within targeted domains. Operational intelligence blends current intelligence reporting with short- to mid-term predictive analysis and supports the managerial decision process throughout the entire business operation or marketing campaign. Effective operational intelligence support requires knowledge and practice of both strategic and tactical intelligence. Just as operational art links strategic goals with the tactical means of achieving those goals, operational intelligence combines the vision of strategic intelligence with tactical execution to support the decision maker.
Who attends?

OpInt 2016 is perfect for market research analysts, BI (business intelligence) practitioners, BizDev managers, corporate decision makers, and all those tasked with strategic and operational management of enterprise.

You can join this small, elite and closely knitted group of operational intelligence professionals meeting for informal discussion on future of OpInt and its role in modern enterprise, only through personal introduction. This year trailblazers from top tech companies will gather to discuss the future of developer programs and ROI of marketing strategies, so if you haven't applied for an invitation yet, here is your chance!Due to overwhelming demand and small size of event (we keep it intentionally small to preserve elitist atmosphere), attendance for this event is only by personal invitation.

OpInt Methodology and Technologies

The conference aims to cover a variety of key areas, ranging from well-established OpInt methods to different OpInt technologies. In addition, the effective integration of OpInt assets, minimisation of operational costs and the emergence of cutting edge technology solutions will be covered in co-hosted workshops.

Technology has substantially affected operational intelligence and the intelligence support environment. The significant amount of intelligence available to the decision maker is directly attributable to technological advancements in what is known as c3i, or Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence.

More importantly, enabling technologies improve functions within the intelligence cycle (planning and direction, collection, processing, production, and dissemination), considerably increasing the quality and timeliness of intelligence. Technology has reshaped the intelligence support architecture and is the driving factor in defining the future OpInt environment.

OpInt Methods

Operational intelligence focuses on all aspects of enterprise environment as defined in Porter five forces analysis: the threat of substitute products or services, the threat of established rivals, the threat of new entrants, the bargaining power of suppliers and the bargaining power of customers. The nature and scope of operational intelligence requires continuous domain-wide information collection during rourine periods and in emergencies. It is usually too late to collect and evaluate data just prior a major marketing campaign or some earthshaking corporate event. Operational intelligence simultaneously supports the current operation and anticipates future contingencies within targeted domain.

OpInt Methods

Servicing digital media market

OpInt helps enterprise gain real-time visibility of information through variety of technologies:

Market studies
Media Partners
Graphical Support